Edward Lovaas in WineryEdward Lovaas
Winemaker, Owner

Blue Fox Cellars represents a long held dream for Edward Lovaas. Having made wine, and consulting for many top wineries, Blue Fox Cellars represents the opportunity to create wine unencumbered by constraints, giving him the opportunity to craft distinctive, expressive wines which demonstrate balance and varietal correctness. At Blue Fox Cellars, no expense is spared and only top quality wines are permitted to be released. Edward possesses a palate, work ethic, intensity and an enthusiastic devotion that has been honed throughout his life and is the source of his winemaking prowess.

Growing up in Crescent City, CA instilled in Edward a deep respect for the land and an enjoyment of living off what it has to offer. As the child of fishing family Edward developed a passion for good food and fresh ingredients, qualities which intensified when Edward moved to the heart of Mendocino Wine Country in Ukiah in High School. After high school Edward joined the Marine Corps. where he served as a Military Police for 4 years. Following his Honorable Discharge he moved back to Ukiah where his passion for wine making began to grow. Edward began his winemaking career at Gabrielli Winery where quickly his passion and talent became apparent. It was not long before Edward went to work for Greg Graziano of Graziano Family of Wines. It has been Greg that has had the most influence in Edwards wine making style. Under Greg’s tutelage Edward’s skills sharpened and his passion ignited, as he worked his way up to assistant winemaker. At Graziano Family of wines Edward had the opportunity to make nearly every kind of varietal imaginable; as well he worked with the UC Davis Extension Program, making their small test lot wines. It was then he began UC Davis’s Viticulture and Enology program. While still taking classes, Edward accepted a position at Pietra Santa Winery where he made not only great wines but Olive Oil as well. In 2005 Edward’s involvement in the wine industry came full circle when he became a consulting wine maker at Gabrielli Winery, where he first began. Since then Edward has worked as a consultant for countless wineries all over Northern, Central and Southern California, Edward also has been the Winemaker at two of the largest wineries on Long Island, NY. The Blue Fox Cellars label gives homage to Edwards Norwegian heritage, as it is named after the Norwegian Blue Fox. For Edward Blue Fox Cellars is the culmination of years of experience, dedication and passion.

In his spare time Edward enjoys SCUBA diving, preferring the cold deep waters of the central coast of California. As well he enjoys cooking and experiencing the outdoors.

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