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Mendocino County, where rugged coastline, breathtaking beaches, picturesque villages, majestic redwood forests and America's Greenest Wine Region beckon you to escape to a slower pace .

Combining the best of the outdoors with the finest aspects of living well, Mendocino County embodies the very best that California and Mother Nature has to offer.

Mendocino County AVA (American Viticultural Area) encompasses 10 smaller AVA's. As a region Mendocino's diversity for producing wine is unparalleled.  Spanning from the coast, winding thorough hills and extending out into the valley and up the next range, Mendocino offers diverse climate and growing conditions.  Even during the hottest months, soaring day time temperatures are tempered by fog cooled nights.  This gives the grapes the opportunity to get ripe, while preserving their natural acidity, resulting in elegant, balanced wines.

Mendocino County is dominated by family farmers, many of whom have lived for three or more generations ln their land. With a rare appreciation for the connection between man and the earth the grape growers and winemakers are at the forefront of the sustainable, organic, Demeter Certified Biodynamic and Fish Friendly Farming movements. Mendocino County’s winemakers and grape growers are a diverse set of individuals, all of whom owe their livelihood, the source of their passions and inspiration to the bounty of the land. It is through hard work, a sense of tradition combined with innovation, and environmental stewardship that Mendocino wines are brought to an ever growing and appreciative audience.

At Blue Fox Cellars we source our grapes from some of the finest vineyards in the region. This allows us to focus on making our wine the very best it can be while providing that each year the grapes we receive are the highest quality, reflecting the characteristics of the year. Each grape varietal is sourced from a vineyard location that provides the best growing conditions for that varietal providing the opportunity to experience wines from all over Mendocino AVA.

Wine AVAs of Mendocino County

Bartolomei Brothers Vineyard

Located to the east of the Russian River on a westward facing hillside vineyard, the graps at Bartolomei Brothers Vineyard enjoy some of the best growing conditions Mendocino has to offer Grenache and Zinfandel.  As the morning fog recedes to the west this vineyard remains shaded by the hill till the late morning.  When the afternoon sun beats down these grapes enjoy full exposure allowing them to ripen while not losing acidity due to their fog cooled nights.  To further complement the impeccable growing conditions are the Bartolomei's deft hands.  As one of the original Italian settlers in the regions the Bartolomei family has been growing wine grapes on this land for four generations.

The balance of hot days with out extended periods of heat prevent the zinfandel grapes from producing the over sweet jammy qualities of their central valley counterparts, leading to an authentic spicy characteristic.  To further complement this old world authentic style of zinfandel these grapes come from old vine, head pruned plants. These grapes produce a rich full bodied, spicy zinfandel that is elegant and refined.

The Grenache also enjoys the warm days and cool nights. Located a bit lower on the hill this vineyard gets the sun earlier while still enjoying the red rich soil of a hillside vineyard. The clone of Grenache Noir planted here provides more tannins then other clones of Grenache. Grenache is a varietal used widely in blends as it often struggles to demonstrate structure however the clone grown here combined with the hot days cool nights provide acidity result in a grape capable of producing a wine that demonstrates magnificent balance and structure.

Seebass Vineyard

Seebass Vineyards sits on the gently sloping lands of the Russian River Valley. The Vineyard is situated East of Ukiah, against the Mayacama Mountains and looks west across the Mendocino Coastal Range. The vines have thrived in the ancient gravels and loamy valley silts for over 100 years. These vines are grown in thin (3 to 6 feet depth) mountain soils produce soft tannins and small berries for more intense flavors and color. 

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